Storybook Character Greetings

Have your child's favorite Storybook Character send them a personalized pre-recorded message. Great for Birthdays, Pre-School/Kindergarden Graduations, Milestones, Pick-Me-Ups, or just to say hi!

Character Choices:

Wizard of Oz:   Dorothy,  Lion,  Scarecrow,  Wicked Witch,  Good Witch

Sleeping Beauty:   Beauty,  Joycelyn the Good Fairy,  Evileen the Bad Fairy,  Prince Brion

Beauty and the Beast:  Beauty,  Beast

Rapunzel:   Rapunzel,  Prince Eric,  Mother Gothel

Little Red Riding Hood:   Little Red,  Granny Fanny

Cinderella:   Cinderella,  Stepsister,  Fairy Godmother,  Stepmother,  Prince Stephan

Alice in Wonderland:   Alice,  Cheshire Cat,  Dormouse

Hansel & Gretel:   Hansel,  Gretel,  Foxy Freda,  Rosinna the Gingerbread Witch,  Mother

Jack and the Beanstalk:   Jack,  Jack's Mother

Princess & the Pea:   Princess Georgiana,  Prince Louis

Frog Prince;   Frog,  Princess Sarah,  Cookie the Cook

Elves and the Shoemaker:   Elvish the Elf,  Joseph Cobbler,  Peach Cobbler

Adventures in Toyland:   Michael,  Ragdoll,  Princess Ballerina Belle

Puss n' Boots:   Puss,  the Ogre

Character Greeting of Your Choice $25

For an extra $10 per child, you can have the character personalize greetings for additional children in the same household!

It's SImple!

Send an email to:   with your child's name, age, their favorite Storybook character, what you'd like the character to talk about, and your email address.

             Venmo your fee to Storybook:       @Storybook-MusicalTheatre 

and within a week, your child will have their very own, unique, personalized greeting!

"Thank you so much! She (her daughter) freaked out. She was so happy! This is such a lovely idea. Stay Well."  - C. Heinerici