Searching for a bride, a lonely prince gets some helpful advice from the Queen, the King and a tiny magical pea, while learning looks can be deceiving. Will he ever find his true love?

Running Time: 60 minutes

                                       (plus a 10 minute intermission on non-school days)

Recommended for Ages 3+

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King (Jeff Reim), Princess JerseyLeee (Elizabeth Ann Corkum) Queen (Maryann Bucci), Princess Georgianna (Emily Cheney), Prince Louis (Brian Bateman)


Book by Patricia Goldberg    Music & Lyrics by Kevin Arruda

 May 7 to 18, 2019

     Showtimes: Tues. thru. Fri. 10:15AM, Sat. 11AM, Sun. 2PM


 July 23 to August 3, 2019

    Showtimes: Tues thru Fri. 10:30AM, Sat 11AM

  at Gratz College Theater