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Storybook Character Greetings!

Have your child's favorite Storybook Character send them a personalized pre-recorded message. Great for Birthdays, Pre-School/Kindergarden Graduations, Milestones, Pick-me-ups or just to say Hi!

Character Greeting of Your Choice $25

For an additional $10 per child, you can have the character personalize greetings for additional children in the household


Two Simple Steps!

1. Send an e-mail  with your child's name, age, your character choice, what you'd like the character to talk about and your e-mail address.

 2.  Pay your fee via this   Paypal link, and within a week your child will have their very own, unique, personalized greeting!

Character Choices

Adventures in Toyland: Ragdoll, Princess Ballerina Belle

Alice in Wonderland: Alice, Chesire Cat, Dormouse

Beauty and the Beast: Beauty, Beast

Cinderella: Cinderella, Stepsister, Fairy Godmother, Prince

Elves and the Shoemaker: Elvish the Elf

Frog Prince: Frog: Princess Sarah, Cookie the Cook

Hansel & Gretel: Hansel, Gretel, Rosinna the Gingerbread Witch

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red, Granny Fanny

Rapunzel: Rapunzel, Prince Eric

Sleeping Beauty: Beauty, The Good Fairy, Prince Brion, Queen

Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, Lion, Scarcrow, Wicked Witch, Good Witch

Storybook Character At Your Party!

Every 45 minute character appearance includes:

  • Character Grand Entrance

  • A special reading of the character's story

  • A fun and energetic game led by the character

  • A unique gift for each child attending

  • A keepsake gift for the birthday child

  • Photo op with the birthday child and the full party*

  • Character led "Happy Birthday" song and farewell.

Character Packages begin at $300

Call today to check availability

of your favorite character!



for a $50 donation a character of your choice can call and wish your child Happy Birthday, announce an upcoming trip, or reveal a surprise!

*Photo op must happen near the beginning of the character's arrival.  Funds from character packages goes to the Educational Theatre Initiative, a program offered by Storybook Musical Theatre, a non-profit theater company.

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