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Storybook Musical Theatre is a non-profit, tax-exempt [501 (c)(3)] professional theater under contract with the Actors' Equity Association; Theater for Young Audiences. The organization is committed to offering children from diverse backgrounds the chance to immerse themselves in captivating and high-caliber theater productions, at prices that are accessible to all.


"Storybook Musical Theatre is committed to enriching and educating diverse audiences, including children and their families. We aim to introduce and foster a lifelong appreciation for theater through adaptations of folk tales and children’s literature. We aim to create an inclusive environment that stimulates young imaginations and brings stories to life on stage."


In 1992, Storybook rented two small theater venues that seated audiences from 200 to 400 people. Since that time, the popularity of Storybook has grown and so has the size of the theaters. The company is presently in residence at Gratz College Theater in Melrose Park just north of Philadelphia. The theater holds over 400 people. There are 26 original musical adaptations, written by Artistic Director Patricia Goldberg with music and lyrics by either Kevin Arruda or Jeff Reim, in Storybook's repertoire of shows. Storybook takes every opportunity to:

            produce high quality musical productions                                              nurture children's imaginations and creative thinking skills

                              help build theater audiences of the future                                          create a memorable family experience

                                                         make study guides available to educator's to help in their curricular endeavors

make theater available to all through sensory friendly performances

Along with our yearly productions, Storybook has undertaken an educational outreach program. Starting in 1995, Storybook created the outreach program called "Page to Stage". As part of this program, Artist/Teacher teams representing Storybook go out to schools and help bring the many aspects of theater to children in the elementary school setting. One of the goals is to stimulate reading, writing, and thinking skills. The program has been continuing at various school districts in the area. Storybook also does pre-show and teacher workshops. It has been on hiatus since the pandemic, but hoping to bring the program back soon. In February 2011, Storybook initiated Theatre Classes for Children from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. We thank Giant Food Stores for allowing Storybook to use their community rooms for our classroom. Storybook began its Educational Theater Initiative in 2015. Funds raised through this program help bring students from schools who may not have the opportunity to experience live theater due to monetary constraints. This program helps to defray some of the costs for students and enables Storybook to continue to fulfill its mission. Storybook would like to thank the Spayed Club of Sharon Hill, PA for helping to sponsor Storybook performances for the upcoming season. Their donation has made it possible for the company to return to producing the shows that audiences have enjoyed for many years.

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