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Jack and the Beanstalk

March 2023

Jack (PJ Schweizer)

Mother (Deirdre Finnegan)

Otto the Ogre (David Mulholland)

Gertrude, the Ogre's Wife (Kim Hanley)

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Alice in Wonderland

December 2022

Alice (Rebecca Keeshan)

Emily/Duchess (Aileen Goldberg)

Nanny/Queen of Hearts (Ella Nora)

White Rabbit (David Mulholland)

Caterpillar/Mad Hatter (P.J. Schweizer)

Cheshire Cat/Dormouse (Kristina Coia)

Knave of Hearts (Mark Marano)

Little Red Riding Hood

May 2022

Mother  (Pam Jorgensen)

Little Red Riding Hood (Julianna Luber)

Fritz the Woodsman (Jeff Reim)

The Wolf (Ryker Austin)

Granny Fanny (Maryann Bucci)

The Frog Prince

March 2022

King  (David Mulholland)

Princess Sarah Aileen Goldberg)

Henrietta (Kaitlyn Tierney)

Frog (Carl Nathaniel Smith)

Cookie (Kim Hanley)

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