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Virtual Annual Auditions

Storybook is actively seeking AEA Union oerEMC professional actors/singers of every cultural background and ethnic heritage for the upcoming  2021-22 season, All character types are encouraged. No more non-union submissions will be accepted. Daytime availabilty required.

E-mail Storybook Musical Theatre at with your Headshot and Resume along with your AEA, EMC or Non-Union Status to receive an audition form, the audition sides,  and follow-up instructions. Local actors are encouraged to submit. Audition sides are not available from this website.

Submit materials to:

Accepting submissions from Sept 25 through Oct 7, 2022 Do not send before September 25.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. In accordance with Equity Guidelines all actors must be fully vaccinated prior to the first day of rehearsal.

Storybook Musical Theatre highly values diversity in the workplace and is committed to being an inclusive and anti-racist organization. We are seeking to increase diversity and encourage submissions of all who are interested in performing with the company.

Storybook 2022/2023 Season

Alice in Wonderland:

Rehearsals start 12/12/22. Runs 12/17/22 - 12/30/22

Alice: (Any Ethnicity, Female Ingenue).Soprano; Young girl, questioning life and everyone around her. The sanity to the insanity around her.
Governess/Red Queen: (Any Ethnicity, Female 30+) Mezzo-soprano with belt; Strict non nonsense governess. Red Queen has a crazy temper

                                           and attitude. Everything must go her way.
Emily/Duchess: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Female 30s) Mezzo-soprano; Emily is Alice’s older sister. Duchess and her baby pig are very insane and

                                           loves to have fun. Comic timing is necessary.
White Rabbit: CAST (Any Ethnicity Male 25+) Baritone; Has reason and logic for everything whether sane or insane.
Caterpillar/Mad Hatter: (Any Ethnicity, Male 25+). Baritone-tenor; Caterpillar is very snobby, doesn’t like being bothered. Mad Hatter is simply

                                           insane and must pair well with the Dormouse. Physical comedic role.
Cheshire Cat/Dormouse: (Any Ethnicity, Female, 25+). Mezzo-soprano; Cheshire Cat is mysterious and aloof. Dormouse is silly and not too

                                           bright. Must pair well with the Mad Hatter. Physical comedic role.

Knave: (Any Ethnicity, Gender Dynamic 20s) Tenor/Alto, Mezzo Soprano; Fumbling, bumbling, nervous, and afraid of the Red Queen and

                                          almost everything else.


Jack and the Beanstalk:

Rehearsals start 3/12/23. Runs 3/14-3/26/23
Jack: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male 20s) Tenor; a poor, but adventurous young boy. Has a mind of his own and does what he likes,

                                       but is respectful of his Mother.
Jack's Mother: (Any Ethnicity, Female 40s) Mezzo-soprano; Single mom, works hard and tirelessly to make ends meet. She is overprotective

                                       of her only son, Jack.
Otto the Ogre: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male 50+) Bass-baritone; lives at the top of thebeanstalk. Is a very selfish, hardhearted not overly bright

                                      oaf. Physical comedic role
Gertrude, the Ogre's Wife:  (Any Ethnicity, Female 40+) Alto/mezzo-soprano; She is married to Otto. She is very patient and takes

                                      good care of him. She is bored and lonely with her housewife life, because she has no one else to talk to. Physical

                                      comedic role

Beauty and the Beast

Rehearsals start 5/7/23. Runs 5/9-5/21/23 and 7/10-7/22/23
Beauty: (Any Ethnicity, Female 20s) Soprano, Young girl full of energy and alove for life and her family.
Mimi (Beauty's sister): (Any Ethnicity, Female 20 to 30). Beauty’s oldest sister, Mezzo Soprano/Soprano, Self-centered as it’s all about “Me, Me.”

                                    Comic timing a plus.. 
Fifi (Beauty's sister): (Any Ethnicity, Female 20s). Beauty’s older sister, Mezzo Soprano, She isa follower and wants what her big sister Mimi has.

                                    Comic timing a plus..
Jacques: (Any Ethnicity, Male 20s) Baritone/Tenor, A rich kind gentleman to the core, he loves Beauty and would do anything to help her or

                                    her father..
Monsieur Arneaux (Beauty's Father): (Any Ethnicity Male 50+). non-singing role, Once a proud wealthy man, he now longs for a better life

                                   for his daughters and himself..

Beast/Prince (Any Ethnicity Male 20 to 30). Tenor, Strong, confident and selfish only to become a recluse as a beast, insecure and unhappy.

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