Annual Auditions - Virtual Via Video

Storybook is actively seeking professional actors/singers of every cultural background and ethnic heritage for the upcoming  2020-21 season, All character types are encouraged. Daytime availabilty required.

E-mail Storybook Musical Theatre at with your Headshot and Resume along with your AEA Member Number or EMC Status to receive an audition form, the audition sides,  and follow-up instructions. Local actors are encouraged to submit. Audition sides are not available from this website.

Submit materials to:

Accepting submissions through Sept 20, 2021

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Storybook 2020/2021 Season


Rehearsals start 12/9/21. Runs 12/14/21 - 12/30/21

This is a rescheduled show from the 2020-2021 Season.  All Roles Have been Cast.  Seeking future replacements.
Rumpelstiltskin: (Any Ethnicity, Male). A conniving, impish trickster. Really just wants to be a dad, but goes about it in a cunning way.
Rowena: (Any Ethnicity, Female 20s) The Miller's daughter.  Loves to dance and sing.  Energetic and youthful.
Miller: (Any Ethnicity, Male 40+) Will do anything to be in favor with the King, including lying and cheating.  Often ends up in sticky situations.
King Avarice: (Any Ethnicity Male 30s-40s). Greedy King who leads with an iron fist.  His only want is more money, and he does not care about his subjects.
Kid 1: (Any Ethnicity, Any Gender). The Greek Chorus.  Narrates the Story.  Also plays the Page to the King.
Kid 2: (Any Ethnicity, Any Gender). The Greek Chorus. Narrates the Story.

Frog Prince:

Rehearsals start 3/10/22. Runs 3/15-3/27/22
This production is being remounted. Some roles have been pre-cast. See breakdown for details. Seeking future replacements
Frog/Prince Frederick: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male 20s-30s) A strongly opinionated Frog and then Prince.  Cares about the environment.  Stubborn.  Comedic Timing and good physicality a must.
Princess Sarah: (Any Ethnicity, Female 20s) A spoiled rotten princess who doesn't understand that her actions impact others.
King: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male 50+). Caring, slightly bumbling ruler.  Comedic Timing a plus.
Cookie: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Female) Silly and a bit skittish. The King's Royal Cook.
Henri: (Any Ethnicity, Male). The Prince's best friend and confident before the Prince turned into a Frog.  He has remained close by to watch after and protect his friend.  Comedic role.

Little Red Riding Hood: 

Rehearsals start 5/5/22. Runs 5/10-5/22/22
Little Red Riding Hood: (Any Ethnicity, Female Ingenue) Seeking Actress 18+ to play 10 year old girl.  Spunky and independent.  Strong mix/belt
Mother: (Any Ethnicity, Female 35+). Caring, nurturing mother. Worries a lot.  Good with quick patter songs a plus.
Wolfie: (Any Ethnicity, Male). Just a poor lonely wolf modeled off of a 50s Greaser.  Hungry and willing to do almost anything for his next meal.
Granny Fanny: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Female 50+). Physically sick with a cold, but with a vibrant, fun personality.  Comedic timing a must.
Fritz the Woodsman: (Any Ethnicity Male 40+). The narrator of our story.  Has a sweet spot for Mother.

The Little Mermaid:

Rehearsals begin 7/12/22. Runs 7/19 - 7/30/21

This is a rescheduled show from the 2019-2020 Season. Some Roles Have been Cast. See breakdown for details.

Ariella: (Any Ethnicity, Female Ingenue) Seeking Actress 18+ to play a 16 year old mermaid looking for independence from her father, loves to explore.
Starsky: CAST (An Ethnicity, Any Gender) Ariella's best friend and confidant. A bit nervous and jumpy.  Comic relief.
King Neptune: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male 40+) Ruler of the sea. Strict but loving father.
Sea Hag/Sailor: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Any Gender) Sea Hag: manipulative sea witch.  Sailor: comedic side kick to the prince
Prince Jason: CAST (Any Ethnicity, Male). Adventurous leading man. Caring, yet bold.
Sailor/Valet/Jelly Roll: (Any Ethnicity, Any Gender). Sailor: comedic side kick to the prince. Valet: proper, rule following servant to the Prince.            Jelly Roll:  smooth talking side kick to the Sea Hag.  Manipulative.